School Testimonials

Godolphin and Latymer School October 2013

Hi Debi

I wanted to send you a copy of the email I sent to the school today. We will definitely do the next level.

Also, I will sponsor you for this fantastic effort in India. I know that Ellie also wants to try and do some fund raising to try to help.


Maria Brooks Wadham

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I thought the self defence course was last night. I don’t know how they achieved it but they exactly hit the right note in terms of warning and alerting us to the dangers, while still making us feel empowered to do something about it if the worst case scenario happens. My daughter came out not scared and terrified by all she had heard but stronger, more knowledgeable and more street-wise. It also gave us the perfect scenario to discuss some things that I hadnt yet talked to her about such as paedophiles, grooming, rape – topics that I knew I had to bring up with her but wasn’t sure when & how.

 My only issue is that I have a dead leg from kneeing some poor padded man who had the temerity to grab me!


Godolphin and Latymer School

March 2013

Reference for Debi Steven – Premier Self- Defence LTD

My name is Sue Adey, I am the Head of the Lower School (age 11 – 14) at The Godolphin and Latymer School. We are an all girls, private school in West London.

Debi first came to our school about 10 years ago and offered the course to our girls. Many of our girls travel to and from school unaccompanied – some walk but, many travel on the train or bus. We have had situations when girls have been confronted by other school children or total strangers and this course is a fantastic way to assist with such problems.

The Level One workshop starts with Debi talking to the girls about awareness, avoidance, verbal diffusion and the importance of quick decision making.

They then spend 2 hours actually learning and practising the physical skills and learning how/when to defend / respond. The girls particularly enjoy fending off and hitting / kicking the really nice men that work with Debi. At first the girls find this aspect a little daunting but the guys set up a realistic situation and encourage the girls to respond. By the end of the 2 hours, the girls are confident and assertive.

Every year there are about 60 girls that take the level 1 course and they love it. The feedback is always positive and the words “feeling empowered “,” great fun but amazingly useful “always appear.

This year, at Debi’s’ suggestion we offered the course to the mothers as well. She thought that by educating the mother with a modern, realistic approach to their daughters personal safety, it would increase their chances of staying safe.  It was very well received and we had 25 mothers who thought the course was excellent. It was also nice for them to do something like this with their daughters.

We also offer level 2 and everyone that took level 1 signed up for second course. This is run on the same format – some discussion then the practical.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone and Debi and her company are brilliant at delivering the content.

Debi is a very honest and trustworthy person and I have found her reliable and easy to work with. She is good at tailoring the course to your liking and has a great rapport with the girls and adults.

Yours Sincerely,

Sue Adey

Portland Place School

As both the Head of a Sixth Form in Central London and some one who has been the victim of a violent attack in the past (prior to attending the course, that is, I can wholeheartedly recommend Premier Self Defence to schools, colleges, institutions, corporate organisations and members of the general public alike.

Whilst we all need to be acutely aware of our surroundings, it is not necessary to live in a perpetual state of fear of being attacked nor need we become compliant unstable victims.

The instructors on this course teach participants to be realistic; to assess each situation as it arises;to respond intelligently and calmly;to use verbal diffusion insofar as this is possible, and finally, as a last resort, extricate oneself from a potentially brutal attack by fighting back in a measured effective way.

While fitness enables each of us to fight back or flee from a mugging with more ease, one’s innate size is not the issue, one’s modus operandi is what matters. Debi Steven, who is svelte and feminine demonstrated to my unsuspecting students, most of whom were twice her size, that skill plays an instrumental part in one’s safety, size does not. The course was also meted out with humour and passion. My sixth form has benefitted from this enthusiastic instructor and her colleagues with their clear sight into self defence. They have subsequently gained in self awareness and self confidence. The course comprises a perfect balance between practical tips;memorable anecdotes;physical demonstrations and opportunities to practise newly aquired self defence skills.Not only are these courses immensely useful but are also surprisingly enjoyable

Catherine Brahams-Melinek ( and her students) Head of Sixth Portland Place School, London

Sir William Perkins’s School

Dear Debi

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much my daughter and I enjoyed your course on Sunday.  What had seemed like a good idea months ago when we signed up for it, had turned into a significant chore by Sunday.  We arrived and, within minutes of your fascinating, stimulating and empowering session, I was completely hooked – at times close to tears and at others feeling as if we could make the world a better place.  I couldn’t believe that you spoke for the best part of an hour and three quarters and none of us had so much as thought of looking at our watches!  My cynicism returned when you left and I wasn’t sure how the practical side of the course would be – I certainly had no desire to get stuck in.  However, wrong again!  George and Jonathan were fantastic.  I felt a little sorry for them but they appeared to be programmed not to feel any pain and, again, the time flew.  Being “attacked” at the end was really quite scary but, by then, we had learnt some moves and were feeling much more aggressive towards any would-be attacker.

Both Beth and I came away feeling braver and more capable should the need ever arise.

I do hope you come back to do Part 2 of the course.

Thank you and best wishes,

Nan Lindsay

St George’s College Weybridge

M A Saxon

Deputy Head

In response to requests from some of our parents and girls, I arranged with Debi Steven to run a Level 1 Personal Safety Awareness and Self-Defence class on two consecutive Saturdays for some 45 4th Year (Year 10) girls, and 5th Year (Year 11) girls who had expressed an interest.

The girls arrived a little unsure of what to expect but four hours later emerged exuberant, full of confidence and delighted in what they had been taught and shown in the workshop. They emphasised the realism, the relevance and the thought-provoking ideas as they were advised how to diffuse difficult situations, or failing that, how to defend themselves effectively. Two of our martial-arts girls commented on how valuable it had been for them, others referred to the workshop as a significant “reality check” for them. Parents, too, have responded very positively.

The session proved to be hugely empowering for the girls and their self-confidence. Such has been their enthusiasm for the impact the workshop made that there is now a strong demand for a Level 2 workshop.

I am therefore very happy to recommend Debi and her Self-Defence course to any individual or school wishing to promote the safety and protection of their children.

The Queen’s Church of England Primary School

Mrs Jane E Goodlace


The Queen’s Church of England Primary School, Kew held two very successful one day Personal Safety and Self-Defence Workshops for our year six boys and girls in June as part of their ‘preparation for secondary school’ programme.

We worked closely with Premier Self-Defence to take a 2-pronged approach to reinforcing personal safety education to our pupils:

Firstly, we invited all year six parents to attend a personal safety talk at the school prior to the actual workshops being held. The parents were informed as to what woddl be covered in the course from a personal safety information and physical self-defence training perspective. Each parent was given a copy of the personal safety tips handout that each child would receive at the course. This enabled the parents to reinforce the lessons learnt on the workshop.

Secondly, the pupils (in single sex groups) were encouraged by the instructors to share, with their peers, their experiences and concerns with regards to their personal safety in a fun educational environment. This was followed by the actual physical self-defence training element of the course which also covered information on the multifunctional personal safety aid the Weeble. The pupils’ feedback was extremely positive.

We highly recommend Debi Steven and her team. They interacted well with the children in imparting important life skill lessons.

Hampton Community College

Bev Bell

Vice Principal

I am writing to thank you enormously for the excellent Level 1 self defence course, which you ran recently.

Your professionalism was superb along with excellent organisational skills, timekeeping, enthusiasm and teaching.

We were delighted that you were able to come to the college on four separate occasions to present an assembly for all years as this helped to present this serious issue to all students in our college at a time when both our students and staff have been feeling more vulnerable.

The feedback form all the girls has been overwhelming, and they feel so much more confident to oppose an attacker as I do. They obviously enjoyed the opportunity to carry out their excellent training on an attacker.

The ‘Weebles’ also went down well and many other students have been asking what they are for.

May I take this opportunity of thanking you for this excellent course. We are hoping that it might be possible to run a male group later in the year.

Once again, many thanks.

Caterham School

Mark Bishop
Deputy Headmaster

I am writing on behalf of Caterham School to thank you for the excellent Level 1 self-defence class that you ran. As you know this is the first time that we have ever put on such a course in school and the reaction from the girls could not have been more positive. Their feedback afterwards was full of praise for the course with many of them pointing out that their self-confidence had been enhanced and that they had been given the necessary knowledge and skills to keep themselves more safe.

We will definitely be running the course again for girls, but I would also like to run a parallel course for our boys as well.

Many thanks again for the highly professional delivery of the course.

West Thames College
J G Stocks

Premier Self-Defence has recently completed its third year in teaching students of West Thames College personal safety awareness. Once again, the courses have been professionally run and popular. Feedback has been very positive with the students having gained a tremendous amount out of their personal safety training.

The course content has proved to be practical, realistic and thus useful for attendees. Not only does the course cover physical self-defence techniques but also importantly general personal safety awareness in ones daily life.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed teaching style of the instructors and have also found the final application of the skills they have learnt in a staged “attack” situation, in the last lesson of the course, to be very empowering.

Premier Self-Defence is highly recommended!

Sir William Perkins School

Mary Robertson
Head of PE

Debi Steven and her organisation approached our school in October about putting on some Self Defence classes for the girls. This is something that I had wanted to do for some time as we had had requests from girls and parents.

From the beginning I found Debi to be professional, helpful and passionate about her subject. Debi was happy to come in and do the courses when we wanted them to happen and was flexible over dates and times. The interest was overwhelming with over half of the school (300) girls wanting to take part.

Debi and her team have been a highly organised and professional outfit. Their courses have been well planned and informative with all risk assessments and health and safety measures in place.

Following on from these courses we have organised a mid week course for sixth formers who were unable to attend a Saturday session and another session for staff, parents and friends. We will be offering follow-up courses in the future and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation that may be thinking of arranging Self Defence courses.

Woldingham School
Diana Vernon

Debi Steven conducted Level 1 Self-Defence classes for members of the Lower and Upper Sixth who had expressed an interest.

The girls were keen to attend and found the course stimulating and thought provoking. The course not only taught them how to defend themselves during an attack but also how to avoid an attack and diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.

Many of the girls now want to go on to Level 2 and their enthusiasm has inspired their peers to request that we run Level 1 again.

Richmond upon Thames College
Alice Langrish
Youth Project Worker

I approached Debi Steven to do a Level One course with young women at the college, after attending one of her courses, which was excellent.

I found that she had a relaxed but authoritative manner with the young women and had a very professional approach to her work with her classes being well planned. The students found the instruction very effective and the subject matter was highly relevant and hard-hitting. The course was successful; it has improved the confidence and safety awareness of the students who have now requested Level Two.

I sincerely recommend her as the students were impressed by her teaching abilities and they related very well to her.

Royal College of Music

Dana Parkhill
College Hall Manager

For 11 consecutive years Debi has run a self-defence course for new students at College Hall, the student Hall Residence of the Royal College of Music. Separate sessions are run for men and women as they address the different issues for each sex.

Each session has held around 30 students and are always very well received. Participating students are most enthusiastic about Debi’s style and the feedback after every course has been entirely positive.

Hampton Youth Project
Charmaine Farrugia
Youth Worker

Premier Self-Defence has definitely lived up to their reputation of running an excellent course in Self-Defence.

I would personally recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in protecting their own well-being, or that of their family and friends.

Comments from a person who booked a 2-hour one on one private physical self defence lesson:

“The one on one session was brilliant. I felt Debi was very clear and thorough with her information – and it really helped me to have a one on session as I could ask questions and feel safe at the same time, which was important to me. Debi’s advice about handling situations, as well as the actual physical training tools made for a powerful combination. As a result I have felt 100% more confident walking home in the evenings and less nervous about being approached. I’m very grateful.”

Chris A (attended general public workshop)

I would just like to say that it isn’t often that you meet someone who is advertising realistic self-defence & teaching just that. The content is technically sound and put across in a coherent & easily absorbable manner. I recommend Premier Self-Defence to anyone, men or women, who is interested in learning how to look after themselves.

Thanks again!

Comments from those having been on the course

Wonderful instructors. The practical approach is absolutely right – Jennifer

Being attacked scenario is excellent to include – scary but good to try and test how you would respond – Alison

Liked the realistic attacks. Glad my daughter has had this experience – Nicky

Easy to learn techniques & definitely effective! I should have done this years ago – Charlie

Absolutely fantastic! I will definitely come again! – Florence

The instruction was excellent. Very useful and easy techniques – John

Great to think there is something we can do than just be a victim – Jennifer

Very professional. I learnt a lot & it was enjoyable. I’d recommend – Karen

Wow! I feel a lot better having learnt such great self-defence techniques – Paul

Superb! Concise & informative – Anna

Excellent – exactly what I needed. Having a man to practise the moves on was very useful – Sue

Doing the Level Two Workshop has made me more confident and a broader knowledge – Jamila

Really effective – excellent instructors – useful & interesting workshop. Will recommend it to others – Catherine

Amazing! I plan on coming to both workshops on an annual basis – Lana

Excellent for teaching empowerment. Feel now that I have a better chance than before in handling a confrontation – Nina

Increased my awareness for my safety & made me think emotionally & mentally as well as learning physically – Krishna