Everything You Need to Know About Our 2019 Self Defence Workshops in London

Self Defence Workshops in London

Self defence workshops with Premier Self Defence teach you to not just simply react to the encounter, but take control of the threatening situation either by avoiding confrontation, diffusing the situation, or efficiently defending yourself to aid your safe escape. Many self defence workshops will teach you how to counter danger, but instead our self defence workshops educate, engage and empower you to be proactive when doing safety work for yourself and harnessing your inner warriors!

The skill of self-defence has many different parts that allow you to remain in control in an attack situation to allow you to gain the upper hand verbally before resorting to violence.

Both male and female attendants of our London self defence workshops have come away with valuable self defence skills while also learning to be better communicators and allies to those who have been affected by violence.


Self Defence Workshop Dates in London

Sunday 3rd May 2020 – 11:00AM – 4:00PM CANCELLED

Sunday 1st November 2020 – 11:00AM – 4:00PM


Attending Our Workshops

We provide self defence workshops open to both men and women. These workshops are also suitable for corporate teams and schools.

We have experienced instructors that understand the threats and micro-aggressions posed against modern women in both public and private spaces, and our aim is to empower you to resist these situations and take control of your own space.

We will also provide women’s self defence workshops should you organise a group of female attendants. Our workshops look at women’s safety organically; we use the physicality of self defence as a tool of empowerment, and also look at how good verbal diffusion skills linked with an understanding of the physiology of violence against women enables you to stay in control.



Educate, Engage and Empowerment

Our aim is to educate, engage and empower you by discussing how to identify an encroaching threat whether it is happening in public or private. Our sessions will teach you how to set your boundaries and how to strengthen your self-worth to stick to those boundaries. Self defence workshops will nurture in you a new sense of owning your body and your space by teaching you how to defend it should you feel it is invaded.


During our workshops, we’ll talk about the reality of violence in our world and breakdown the myths of who the perpetrators are. We look at how fear impacts us, what it does to us physically, and how important it is to reframe the way we understand fear. We talk about the brilliance of our ‘built in self defence system’ and encourage participants to embrace their instincts.


Our self-defence workshop then gets you on your feet and learning to unleash your warrior by being taught a number of physical tools that are practiced against strike shields. We’ll finish off by giving you the opportunity to go physical against our well-padded and experienced ‘attackers’.


Feeling empowered and giving yourself permission to physically fight back if needed is something of great importance to both women and men. If you’re considering a self defence workshop in London, or specifically want to organise a women’s self defence workshop, call us today on 07917789308 or Contact us online today.