Self Defense Courses for the General Public

Being able to defend yourself is a skill we believe everyone should have.

At Premier Self Defence in London, we have designed our public self defence courses specifically with the everyday person in mind. What you’ll learn in the workshop is based on real-life safety awareness concerns, and real-life attack patterns that we have studied over many years.

Our self defence workshops are not the same as practicing martial arts. Martial arts is a sport and is not always practical when it comes to realistic, effective and easy to remember self-defence techniques.

We run workshops for the general public twice a year at our Kew Gardens venue. These self defence courses are very popular so please book in advance to secure your place.

The price is £64.80 person, or if two or more attend together it is reduced to £57.60 each.

To see a map of the venue, please click on the booking form link.

Overview of the Course


Our self defence workshops are designed for the everyday person. Anyone could find themselves in a situation where they need to defend themselves, and the aim of our self defence workshops in London is to make sure you have these potentially lifesaving skills, covering personal safety awareness in your daily life.

The 5-hour (dependant on the numbers attending) self defence workshop is an excellent holistic class that focuses on awareness, avoidance and escape, verbal diffusion and highly effective self defence technique training. This includes participant application and practice.

We teach both women and men together, focusing on the differences on how attacks can differ based on gender, however, when requested we can teach these groups separately.

Our self defence workshops are for people aged 12 years and upward with our oldest participant having been 76 years old! Please note that all youngsters between the age of 12-14 years must be accompanied by an adult.


What the Self Defence Course Covers


  • Personal safety talk and ways to be safe in your daily life
  • Drug rape awareness: information on and the avoidance of the alarming increase of drinks being spiked prior to further crime to rob or sexually assault individuals
  • Identification of risk situations and avoidance
  • Verbal diffusion skills
  • Teaching participants practical and highly effective self-defence skills
  • Identifying target areas on an attacker’s body
  • Victim mentality
  • Educate participants that they have choices when they are faced with an attack situation
  • Understanding the violent mind and the psychology of an attack
  • Breakdown misconceptions of rape/violence
  • Build confidence in your own capabilities


Why Choose Self Defence?


It’s unfortunately true that anyone could find themselves in a scenario where they would benefit from understanding methods and techniques in which to defend themselves. Research shows that 80% of people who fight back get out of a situation, so practicing sound safety habits and knowing how to fend off an assailant is, not just sensible, it’s essential to personal safety.

Unlike martial art classes, our self defence workshop not only teaches you the physical movements and defence techniques, but also covers the psychology of attacks, the aftermath, and ways you can be more self-aware to reduce the likelihood of attacks taking place.

Our self defence classes are also a great way to spend time with friends. Not only will you have fun learning moves and techniques together, you’ll walk away from the workshops with valuable knowledge that could help you out in future situations.

Get in Touch

Premier Self Defence personal safety training and self-defence workshops in London will teach you crucial skills and an understanding that you can apply in all areas of your life. Perhaps you wish to feel safer during your London commute, or would like to feel prepared should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance where you need to defend yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about Premier Self Defence courses in London, call today on: 07917 789308 or email: