Self Defence Courses London

We have the ideal self-defence course for you here at Premiere Self-Defence, with personal awareness, corporate and safety awareness training available for individuals, groups and anyone that wants to feel safe and assured as they go about their daily life.

Our self-defence training in London is ideal for everyone and you don’t have to be super-fit to enjoy taking part or have any previous experience in martial arts. Simply find a course to suit your personal requirements, and let us provide you with all the training you require to pick up skills to fight back should you be the victim of an attack.

Choose self-defence courses to stay safe and feel confident 

Most people wouldn’t have a clue what to do if they were attacked in public, but with expert training from us here at Premiere Self-Defence you can develop the skills required to protect yourself. We offer a choice of classes with courses available for everybody, including:

Corporate self-defence courses

A larger number of companies are looking to provide their employees with personal safety training in the workplace, using this type of course as part of their corporate well-being initiatives for staff members.  This is a brilliant way for companies to show how much they appreciate their staff and care for their well-being and welfare.  Corporate self-defence courses are great for individual members of staff, and they also provide great opportunities for team building events where they can be used to boost company morale and improve worker relations.

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Courses for schools, colleges & universities

Student safety is a growing concern for schools and colleges, and proactive learning establishments are taking a keen interest in the welfare of pupils by providing self-defence training. Society has changed, and in the modern world, students need to be aware of their surroundings, practising good general personal safety awareness, and combining this with simple, effective and easy to remember physical self-defence techniques. Our self-defence courses for schools, colleges and universities focus on physical techniques as well as fine-tuning students’ overall knowledge of personal safety awareness.

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Courses for the general public

Members of the general public are especially welcome to book self defence training courses in London through us here at Premiere Self-Defence.  Offering expert training, we help you to stay safe as you learn to defend yourself. We host six-hour workshops every four to six weeks for members of the general public at our venue in Kew Gardens. Places for these courses tend to get booked quickly due to their popularity, so we advise you book early to avoid disappointment and secure your place in advance.

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Find the perfect self-defence course and gain the skills required to safely defend yourself in the event of an attack. We can help you to protect yourself and you will be amazed at just how capable you are once you have attended a course and taken part in self-defence training.

Book a course today, or for more information about any of the self-defence classes we have to offer in London, call us today on 07917 789 308 or contact us online.