Corporate self-defence courses

There is a growing trend in companies providing their employees with personal safety training in the workplace as part of their corporate well-being initiatives for their staff. What a fantastic way for a company to show that it appreciates its staff and cares for their welfare. The course also provides a great opportunity for team building and boosting company morale.

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Courses for schools, colleges & universities

Knowledge is power thus proactive schools and colleges are taking a keen interest in the safety of their students. In today’s world being aware of and practising good general personal safety awareness, coupled with simple, effective and easy to remember physical self-defence techniques is essential. Our courses therefore focus on both the physical techniques as well as fine-tuning students’ overall general personal safety awareness knowledge.

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Courses for the general public

We hold six hour workshops every four to six weeks for the general public at our Kew Gardens venue. These courses are very popular so please book in advance to secure your place.

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