About Us

I started Premier Self Defence in 1998 because I realised not enough people really know how to defend themselves.

I have studied self defence in the UK, South Africa, Canada and the United States and have over 18 years experience instructing, I am an advanced Self Defence Instructor (The Self Defence Federation UK) and 4th Dan Black Belt in Karate having been involved in martial arts for the past 20 years. In April 2004 we were the first UK affiliates to Canada’s Richard Dimitri’s Senshido reality based street self-defence programmes. This new affiliation has not only enhanced the physical skills we teach but also the understanding of the physiological and psychological aspects of an attack.

My company fervently believes that you have a right to feel safe. I therefore started Premier Self-Defence to provide personal safety awareness and physical self-defence training to the general public, schools, colleges and many blue chip corporate companies. We are dedicated to imparting easy to learn and practical self-defence techniques designed for real life situations, with the everyday youngster or adult in mind.

We all know that that society is steadily becoming more violent with the incidents of violent crime, rape and sexual assault rising at worrying rates.Most people are also worried about the increas in gun and knife crime in the UK. Crime statistics bear this out: in the last 10 years, in London alone, rape has increased threefold and in 2002, according to the Metropolitan Police, over 200 women reported a sexual assault while using illegal mini cabs in London. Therefore my company and I firmly believe that it is essential that individuals empower themselves with knowledge not only of general personal safety awareness but also most importantly with physical self-defence techniques and their practise. This empowerment allows people to give themselves the opportunity and choice of self-protection should they find themselves in a violent situation. Unfortunately the reality is that I in 4 women will suffer a sexual assault in her lifetime. This is indeed a frightening statistic!

Women, men and children around the world are often heard to say: “I wouldn’t know what to do, I am not a fighter. In an attack situation I will give in and pray that I come out with as little harm as possible to myself and hopefully I am still alive.” The truth is that most people have this view not because they cannot defend themselves but because they just do not know how to defend themselves.

Physical self defence should always be the last option and the good news is that research shows that a large percentage of women who fight back get out of a situation! Do you feel confident that you have verbal diffusion skills to try and talk your way out of a situation or in the worst case do you have the skills to fight back? If not, do our self-defence course. Develop your skills and give yourself an option. My company believes that to learn valuable self-defence does not require you to be either a martial artist or a fit or youthful individual. The great point about well taught self-defence training is that it teaches you simple but extremely effective techniques that can reduce the risk of suffering serious injury from an attacker, greatly increase the odds of preventing a rape, a serious assault and even possibly save your life.

The courses we offer are therefore very realistic. We believe that reams of lectures and discussions are impractical when it comes to drawing on self-defence techniques. Our courses are therefore unlike many other self-defence courses offered as they focus on the practical empowerment of youngsters and adults providing them with the tools to deal with a violent or abusive situation but also focus on awareness/avoidance and learning good verbal diffusion skills. Individuals leave our courses feeling they have grown in confidence and their capability to protect themselves.

Should you wish to come on one of my courses, have your company run a course for you and your colleagues or do a course at your school or college please go to the “courses” section on my website and see how easy it is for my team and I to help you to give yourself an option! We look forward to training with you.