Self Defence Training in London


Welcome to Premier Self-Defence – one of the UK’s leading names for personal safety awareness and self-defence training. With experience that includes personal safety training in countries all around the world, we believe we offer some of the most useful and effective self-defence courses available today. Our training is designed to benefit men, women and children, providing easy to remember techniques that could save your life – without requiring any martial arts or enhanced physical fitness.


Everyone should have the right to feel safe – but many people admit that they wouldn’t have a clue what to do if they were physically attacked. Whether it’s a street theft with violence or a sexual assault – protection begins with an awareness of risk, and following some simple rules to minimise the danger. If an assault takes place, knowing how to fight back effectively can make the difference between breaking free and the attack continuing, with common statistics showing that 80% of those who fight back will get out of the situation – and with our self-defence training you’ll develop the skills you need to greatly reduce the chances of serious injury, rape or even death. As ominous as it sounds, people die every day in this country as a result of not knowing how to react to a violent attacker – it’s our goal to give attendees the tools they need to protect themselves.


We focus on practical methods of empowerment – from avoidance and awareness to vocal diffusion techniques, followed by simple, effective methods to get out of a situation and break an attack. Our personal safety courses lead to increased self-confidence and a level of capability you might not have previously thought possible – and you won’t need to study for years to master them! We offer six-hour workshops at our Kew Garden location as well as on-site personal safety training for schools and businesses throughout the London area.


Spend a few minutes browsing the site, visit our Testimonials page for recent feedback, then contact us to see how Premier Self-Defence can make a difference to you, your staff or your students.